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Wednesday Night Summaries-Megan Avey

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Community Service: A group of people from STAND went into Pittsburgh and participated in the Pittsburgh Project. Check out what they have to say!

Dustin: I had an amazing experience helping those who could not help themselves. The gratitude showed by the homeowners was very rewarding. Seeing some of the homeowners live so poorly, yet still praise the Lord, was humbling. For those just looking for help, great connections were made and glory was given to God. I would love to go back to continue more work and make connections that can help make a difference in the world. 

Kelli: Hey all, in case you didn't know, this past weekend 10 people from STAND gave up a full Saturday. But what for? Well we went to The Pittsburgh Project. We started the day and were split into two groups. We helped two different homeowners if they needed any help fixing up their house. My group painted the siding of the house, stained her deck and cleaned up her yard because it was taken over by weed. Doing this work was to glorify God. We didn't have to give up a Saturday, but we did! We hope you can join us next year!!



Why read the Bible?
"I think that the Bible is important because it is a time that you can connect with God. The Bible, for me, is a place where I can getaway from everything that is going on around my life, and just look for something, and the Bible has it." --Kelli

"I think the bible matters cause its like Google matters to a college student. Instead of Google-ing for some of the answers, why not look to the source with all of the answers." --Matthew Zemba





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